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We’ve always looked for new ways to add more value to our clients’ communications.

So over the years, we’ve worked hard and invested heavily to develop a range of services that complement and enhance our core print offering - extending the value and quality we can add at every stage of each client’s communications process.

Our marketing services span a wide range of disciplines: strategic planning, creative services, web design and website management.  Our unified teams of marketers, creatives, designers, document composition specialists, web developers and programmers have a unique mix of skills and experience – making DG3 unique in our ability to conceive and deliver the right, client-led marketing solutions across all these areas.

We don’t do inflexibility or off-the-shelf. What we do offer are the right people, the right technology and the right solutions to ensure highly personalized business and communications solutions that meet your exact needs and deliver a sound financial return. Because this individualized approach is the only way we do business.

DG3 - Print 100

Being one of the 100 largest printing groups in the world and with over 30 years print experience, DG3 are well positioned to provide advanced lithographic offset printing and state-of-the-art digital printing services that meet your needs around the world.

DG3 - Printing presses

Globally, our cutting edge B1 to B3 printing presses include the latest and most advanced 6 color heat web print presses, 8 colour Heidelberg Speedmaster's and Solna cold set web print presses, 2 and 4 color.

DG3 - Print volume

Printing millions of time sensitive and quality-critical print documents daily, dg3 handle every kind of requirement from straightforward business printed stationery to research reports, printed annual reports, fund print communications, confidential shareholder mailings, prospectuses, print marketing materials, personalized direct mail campaigns and all manner of color-critical commercial print.

DG3 - contact us

Please make contact with your local DG3 office for a comprehensive guide to how our print services can assist you.