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Better Lighting. Less Carbon. Higher Efficiency.

When you are in the printing business, having a plant that's well lit is everything. Ideally, you shouldn't even notice a significant difference between outside and inside light. DG3's plant has 384 fixtures, so lighting is a very big deal to us in terms of the working conditions, quality of product we produce, cost to us and to our customers, and impact on the amount of energy consumed.

Learn more about how DG3 not only reduced our electricity consumption, but also generated less heat and lowered air conditioning costs all while reducing our carbon footprint.


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Wind Energy

DG3: 100% Committed to Green Wind Energy.

As one of the leading printing companies in the United States, DG3 uses a significant amount of energy (over ten million kilowatt hours per year). As part of our dedication to sustainability, the DG3 Green Team wanted to take a leadership role by making a firm commitment to reduce our carbon footprint, eliminate the use of fossil fuels wherever possible, and lower the chance of a power grid blackout.

Learn more about DG3's commitment to wind energy through Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), participation in a Demand Response Program, and smart planning through Energy Management.


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Recycling story ... coming soon.

DG3 - Print 100

Being one of the 100 largest printing groups in the world and with over 30 years print experience, DG3 are well positioned to provide advanced lithographic offset printing and state-of-the-art digital printing services that meet your needs around the world.

DG3 - Printing presses

Globally, our cutting edge B1 to B3 printing presses include the latest and most advanced 6 color heat web print presses, 8 colour Heidelberg Speedmaster's and Solna cold set web print presses, 2 and 4 color.

DG3 - Print volume

Printing millions of time sensitive and quality-critical print documents daily, dg3 handle every kind of requirement from straightforward business printed stationery to research reports, printed annual reports, fund print communications, confidential shareholder mailings, prospectuses, print marketing materials, personalized direct mail campaigns and all manner of color-critical commercial print.

DG3 - contact us

Please make contact with your local DG3 office for a comprehensive guide to how our print services can assist you.