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Our Story

We have been a leading provider in the printing and communications market for over thirty years. Today, our clients include some of the world's largest companies, as well as discerning small and medium sized businesses active in different sectors from financial services to pharmaceuticals.

Some key dates in our history:


Roda Print was founded and developed to produce fast turnaround printing services for the investment banking community in London


Cunningham Graphics International Inc. was founded in the USA as a print brokerage, specializing in printing for the financial services industry


Workable was founded in Hong Kong. The company quickly established itself as the printer of choice for Hong Kong's finance industry and within ten years, the workforce leapt from 4 to 120 employees. CGI moved into manufacturing to meet the need of the industry for quality overnight printing in the New York area


Cunningham Graphics International Inc. formed a strategic alliance with Roda in London and Workable in Hong Kong in order to form World Research Link. WRL specializes in multi-time-zone printing and the servicing of global clients


Cunningham Graphics International Inc. acquired Roda Print in London and Workable in Hong Kong and is floated on NASDAQ


Cunningham Graphics International Inc. makes two further acquisitions in the UK: Apollo UK Limited, a research printer and Goldhawk Print Services Limited, a digital reprographics specialist


Cunningham Graphics International Inc. is acquired by Automatic Data Processing Inc. (NYSE: ADP)


CGI Europe Limited and CGI Asia Limited replace Roda and Workable as the company name in London and Hong Kong respectively


CGI Pacific Limited and CGI Japan Limited are opened to service the financial and research market in Sydney and Tokyo


CGI Asia Limited acquires IFP, a local research printer in Hong Kong


Peter Furlonge acquires CGI Europe Limited, CGI Asia Limited, CGI Japan Limited and CGI Pacific Limited from ADP Inc. in a Management Buyout to form The CGI Group


CGI Group acquires 3D Digital Limited, the largest London based digital printer to broaden the range of services to offer to clients


CGI Group establishes CGI Squared, a technology-focused creative communications business to offer clients a seamless one-stop communications solution


CGI Group acquires ADP Graphic Communications, Inc. to form CGI North America, Inc., extending the Group's global footprint and expanding the range of services available in North America


CGI changes its name to DG3- Diversified Global Graphics Group and welcomes back Dr. Michael Cunningham as Group Chief Executive Officer


DG3 receives a major investment from Arsenal Capital Partners, appoints Larry Bloch as Chairman and executes the acquisition of PharmAid Industries, a leading supplier of communication services to some of the world's largest pharmaceutical firms.


DG3's ongoing commitment to environmentally responsible business practices is recognized with a No. 4 ranking on the Environmental Protection Agency's Top 20 Printers List.

DG3 achieves G7® Masters Proof-to-Print certification through IDEAlliance, allowing DG3 to certify its printing equipment as a G7® Master Printer, providing its customers with the assurance of consistency and quality from proof through to print.


DG3 acquires 1StopXBRL Limited, a supplier of iXBRL and XBRL managed tagging services in the United States, United Kingdom, and other international jurisdictions. The acquisition of 1Stop expands the scope of DG3's current regulatory XBRL initiatives and adds focus to other emerging opportunities for XBRL taxonomies and tagging outside of regulated financial communications.


DG3 acquires The Ace Group, a full service print and electronic marketing solutions provider in New York City best known for providing integrated offset print, personalized on demand print, email marketing and mobile marketing solutions. The acquisition enables DG3 to offer comprehensive communications solutions combined with integrated marketing solutions, and the formation of the DG3 Digital Marketing.

DG3 Europe Limited acquires UK-base FS Moore Limited, enhancing existing marketing solutions and state-of-the-art print capabilities.


DG3 Group (Holdings) Limited Acquires the Manufacturing & Print Related Trade & Assets of UK's Sterling Financial Print Limited


DG3 completes multi million dollar digital print platform investment enabling high volume custom communications which includes the installation of HP's high speed full color inkjet web press technology.

DG3 forms Argyle, a market leading advisory services firm providing shareholder communications drafting and design for public companies

DG3 acquires Marange Printing to upgrade its commercial print platform and MPI Mailing Services to add in-house mailing solutions to its' core service offering 


DG3 acquires Digital Publishing Solutions Inc, an early-stage provider of cloud document management solutions to Mutual Funds and Public Companies


DG3 - Print 100

Being one of the 100 largest printing groups in the world and with over 30 years print experience, DG3 are well positioned to provide advanced lithographic offset printing and state-of-the-art digital printing services that meet your needs around the world.

DG3 - Printing presses

Globally, our cutting edge B1 to B3 printing presses include the latest and most advanced 6 color heat web print presses, 8 colour Heidelberg Speedmaster's and Solna cold set web print presses, 2 and 4 color.

DG3 - Print volume

Printing millions of time sensitive and quality-critical print documents daily, dg3 handle every kind of requirement from straightforward business printed stationery to research reports, printed annual reports, fund print communications, confidential shareholder mailings, prospectuses, print marketing materials, personalized direct mail campaigns and all manner of color-critical commercial print.

DG3 - contact us

Please make contact with your local DG3 office for a comprehensive guide to how our print services can assist you.